Raiffeissen Capital Management

With EUR 31,5 bn in assets under management and a market share of more than 20 % (as of end of March 2011), Raiffeisen Capital Management is the leading fund company in Austria. Beyond its home market, Raiffeisen Capital Management is also a significant player in the fund industry in Central and Eastern Europe, with business abroad accounting for roughly 13 % (4,2 bn) of the total volume. Raiffeisen Capital Management is currently represented in 18 European countries.


April 2011

Interview Jürgen Maier: «Emerging Markets will continue to become more and more important for the global economy and capital markets »

According to Jürgen Maier, fund manager in the team «Emerging Markets Equities» at Raiffeisen Capital Management, Emerging Markets have weathered the economic crisis and will remain competitive thanks to massive investments in infrastructure in the years to come and enormous (...)

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