December 2019

Opinion We will always have scone and jam

The Daily Telegraph trumpets a landslide Conservative victory after the best results since 1987. With neither party popular, it is a testament to the appeal of the Labour Party. The Remainer vote is now fatally weakened. The consequence is that the hard-left firebrand, (...)

March 2019

Innovation Nordea launches the Global Gender Diversity Fund

Nordea launched a fund that will capitalize on the growing evidence of gender balance within a company being positive for earnings. The Global Gender Diversity Fund will invest in companies that actively seek to improve the gender balance. This increases the likelihood of (...)

November 2018

Product Covered bonds, an asset class to discover

Demand from investors for this type of securities is explained by their attractive risk/return ratio. Indeed, even if yields depend on the issuing bank and the origin of the country, in general this yield offered is higher than that of government bonds issued for the same (...)

July 2018

Opinion US fixed income: Buying opportunity or a falling knife?

10 year US Treasury yields crossed the psychologically important 3% threshold in the 2nd quarter, the highest level in four years - buying opportunity or a falling knife? Given these critical levels and an uptick in US inflation, investors are justifiably worried about (...)

May 2017

Opinion European equities: Back to basics

Following the French election, European equity markets are breathing a sigh of relief. While some structural challenges remain, strong fundamentals point towards continued European equity outperformance, triggered by reduced political tail (...)

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