September 2021

Opinion Federal Reserve moves towards November Taper

The Federal Reserve is very likely heading for a tapering of its bond purchases in November, but the longer-term outlook depends on how transitory the current bout of inflation is. If we are correct, i.e. it will fade more quickly than expected, then we should see the (...)

July 2020

Opinion Moving past the edge of reason, China government sanctionned rally

The situation is excellent. The market is rallying led by a government sanctioned rally in China. Our constructive thesis is validated after a period of noise in the equity market led by a US spike in Covid-19 cases. This is excellent and precisely why we need to (...)

May 2020

Strategy Should you care about biodiversity ? Investors have a role to play in habitat and species protection

Biodiversity is in the spotlight nowadays as previous international agreements expire, making 2020 a year of assessment and target-setting for politicians, legislators and businesses. What exactly is biodiversity and why is it (...)

May 2020

News German Constitutional court, Constructive on risk in troubled markets, the slow Asian rebound

On Tuesday the German constitutional court decided that the Bundesbank would stop participating in the ECB Quantitative Easing program known as PSPP in three months unless corrective measures were taken. These include oversight by the German parliament and government and (...)

April 2020

People Moves Nordea’s Eivind Lorgen to chair Investor Advisory Group of SASB

Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to announce that the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has appointed Eivind Lorgen, CEO and President of NAM in North America, to chair its Investor Advisory Group (IAG), a group of leading asset owners and managers (...)

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