Natixis Asset Management

Natixis Asset Management est l’expert européen de Natixis Global Asset Management. Basée a Paris, elle se place aux touts premiers rangs des gestionnaires d’actifs européens avec 301 Md € sous gestion et près de 630 collaborateurs au 30 septembre 2009. Natixis Asset Management propose aux investisseurs institutionnels, entreprises, distributeurs et réseaux bancaires une gamme complète de produits et de solutions d’investissement, toutes classes d’actifs confondues. Pionnière reconnu avec plus de 25 ans d’expérience, Natixis Asset Management est également, de par ses encours, un des leaders de la gestion ISR en France et en Europe


December 2017

Opinion 2018 Outlook: 75% of institutional investors say current environment favors active management

Two-thirds of institutional investors worldwide (65%) expect asset bubbles to negatively impact performance in 2018 and three out of every four (75%) believe the current market environment favors active management.

December 2017

Opinion According to Natixis Asset Management: “adaptability and flexibility will be the watchwords on the markets in 2018”

Corporates and households seem to have regained their confidence in the future in 2017 against a flattering macroeconomic backdrop. However, Natixis Asset Management’s experts caution against excessive optimism, as 2018 will not be entirely devoid of events that could throw a (...)

November 2017

Opinion The triumph of Abenomics

Japan posted growth of 1.5% in the first half of the year, which is a remarkable performance for an economy with estimated potential of no more than 1%. Expansion in the Japanese economy is propelled by all drivers of private demand: exports, productive investment, household (...)

August 2017

Opinion Central banks: from doves to hawks?

In the US, the UK, Sweden and Canada, central bankers have taken on board an economic situation that is coming close to full employment, with a risk of overheating not of inflation, but rather of private debt and asset prices (real estate, (...)

July 2017

News First real blockchain transaction completed in fund distribution

Natixis Asset Management, a leading affiliate of Natixis Global Asset Management, has revealed that investors have successfully purchased shares in Natixis AM’s funds through the blockchain-powered fund distribution platform for fund managers, (...)

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