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March 2018

Strategy Does a liquidity factor premium exist in the stock market?

Academic studies present ample evidence in support of the existence of four factor premiums in stock markets: Low Risk, Value, Momentum, and Quality. Factor investing puts these concepts into practice by enabling investors to allocate their capital explicitly to these (...)

October 2017

Note Insurers looking to investment portfolios to improve profitability

BlackRock’s sixth annual global survey of 300 senior insurance executives found that two-thirds of insurers agree that re-thinking the investment portfolio will be vital to maintaining or improving the future profitability of their business. Over two-fifths (41%) said they (...)

September 2017

Note State Street Study Reveals Asset Owners’ Increasing Appetite for Illiquid Assets is Driving Interest in Co-Investment

State Street Corporation announced the findings from its latest study, A New Climate for Growth: Adapting Models to Thrive, which reveals asset owners are gaining scale through consolidation and co-investment;

June 2017

News Instinet and Virtu Financial launch liquidity streaming relationship

Instinet Europe Limited and Virtu Financial Ireland Limited (Virtu) announced today that they have entered into a bilateral liquidity streaming relationship. This relationship provides Instinet’s buy and sell side clients with aggregated liquidity and opportunities for price (...)

December 2016

Interview Michèle Lacroix : “SCOR has strengthened its teams to invest more heavily in bank loans”

According to Michèle Lacroix, Head of Group Investment Office at SCOR, for several years, equity exposure has been strongly reduced in the group investment portfolio in contrast to its bank loan exposure...

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