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January 2013

Strategy J.P. Morgan Asset Management reveals five key themes for institutional investors in 2013

J.P. Morgan Asset Management has revealed what it sees as the five key themes for institutional investors in 2013...

October 2012

News Online retail sites, Jumia and Zando receive funding from J.P. Morgan Asset Management

The investor will take a stake through a German holding company in an all cash-for-equity investment...

March 2012

Opinion LTRO – game changer or not?

The ECB announced its second long-term refinancing operation (LTRO) on Wednesday. The auction led to 800 banks tapping the ECB for EUR 530bn in three year funding at 1%.

January 2012

Opinion Putting a number on the Dragon

According to statistics from the Quantitative Guru of JP Morgan AM, the year of the Dragon will tend to be a year of prosperity for US equities with an average performance of 8,3% for the 11 years of the Dragon during this period of 140 years with an annual volatility of (...)

December 2011

Note Challenges for Europe’s banks

Even in the seemingly unlikely case that a comprehensive solution to the sovereign crisis is found, the changed regulatory backdrop is a major challenge for the banks, and probably for the economy as a whole.

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