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February 2016

Strategy Time to invest in Convertible Bonds? by Tarek Saber, Head of Convertible Bonds at NN Investment Partners

If you’ve been brainstorming your investment resolutions for 2016, you’re not alone. The beginning of a year is a great time to revisit your investment portfolio. So how would convertible bonds (CBs) fit into an investor’s new year’s (...)

December 2015

Opinion Finally the Fed rate hike is there

After a year of talking about it we finally got it. The Fed starts hiking rates for the first time in more than 9 years. It has been long anticipated, so one has to wonder what it will actually mean if everybody had so much time to prepare for it. Probably not too much (...)

October 2015

Note Eurozone offers best high yield bond valuations, institutions say

The Eurozone offers better valuations for high yield bonds than any other region in the world, according to new research by NN Investment Partners (NN IP). The research, conducted amongst NN IP’s panel of institutional investment managers, showed 27% of respondents rated (...)

August 2015

Opinion The calm after the storm

During the first months of the year, investors were plain sailing, helped by easy monetary policy, robust economic data and stronger currencies. In euro terms, almost all asset classes generated positive returns...

May 2015

Opinion The Productivity Puzzle

An increasingly hotly debated topic with respect to the medium-term outlook for both the economy and markets is the increasing signs of a trend fall-back in productivity growth in DM economies. Shortly put, lower productivity growth leads to lower economic growth, increased (...)

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