Henderson Global Investors

Fondé en 1934, Henderson Global Investors est un des acteurs majeurs de la gestion d’actifs en Europe et offre une large gamme de produits d’investissement et de services à ses clients institutionnels en Asie, Europe et aux Etats-Unis. Gestionnaire d’actifs indépendant et coté sur les bourses de Sydney et de Londres, Henderson gère environ 62,2 milliards d’Euros d’encours au 30 juin 2009 et emploie plus de 900 collaborateurs à travers le monde. Nos équipes de gestion investissent dans les principaux marchés mondiaux et sur toutes les classes d’actifs : action, obligation, immobilier direct et indirect, capital investissement, gestion éthique, CDO et Hedge Funds. Henderson se distingue plus particulièrement par sa gestion active, une expertise éprouvée en gestion alternative ainsi qu’un savoir-faire reconnu en investissement socialement responsable.


April 6

Strategy Opportunity in volatility

The first three months of 2020 go down in history as the worst Q1 ever for global stock markets. Many measures of market stress reached levels last seen in the financial crisis and some price moves were on a scale not witnessed since the great Crash of 1929. The surge in (...)

September 2019

People Moves Janus Henderson Appoints Global Emerging Markets Investment Team

Janus Henderson Investors announced today the appointment of Daniel J. Graña, CFA, as Portfolio Manager, Global Emerging Market Equities. Daniel is based in Boston and reports to George Maris, Co-Head of Equities.

June 2019

Opinion Bailing out the titanic with a teaspoon or why hope is a strategy for the ECB

The European Central Bank (ECB) meeting today was anticipated by investors with a range of expectations across the market from the hopeful to the pessimistic. With market-implied medium term inflation expectations close to all-time lows, Draghi’s reputation as the ‘man who (...)

February 2019

Note Global dividends surge to new record in 2018, with more growth in 2019

Global dividends rose to a new record in 2018, with a strong fourth quarter for dividend payments despite more challenging equity market conditions, according to the latest Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index.

November 2018

Opinion US Mid Terms - Nothing really to see here

According to Nick Watson, Janus Henderson multi-asset team, from a markets perspective, Trump’s ability to provide the US economy and markets with further levels of stimulus and acceleration are likely to be constrained over the next two (...)

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