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March 28

Opinion Brexit’s impact for equity investors

For someone living, moving to or doing business with the United Kingdom in the last year, the “Brexit Question” has been an important consideration. During the beginning of 2019 there have been several dates, votes and occasions when we expected to get a detailed picture of (...)

March 26

Interview Pierre Valentin ; “We have placed SRI at the heart of our investment philosophy”

According to Pierre Valentin, chairman of Ecofi Investissements, except for wealth management Ecofi’s entire range of open funds is 100 % SRI this year, whether it for equity, bond, money market or multi-asset funds.

March 20

Opinion Sterling and Equities unmoved by Brexit extension vote

Following the vote to extend the Brexit process the British pound has not shown significant movement around equity market opening time, currently trading at above 1.32 vs the USD.

February 11

Opinion Lessons from a decade of bank bailouts

A decade on, banks in some major economies have largely recovered from the global financial crisis (GFC). In others, however, legacies of bad assets continue to clog the banking system, stalling the engine of economic growth. The reasons for this divergence lie largely in (...)

February 5

Opinion MSCI: Five Key ESG Trends to Watch in 2019

MSCI ESG Research has issued its 2019 ESG Trends to Watch Report, which identifies five key ESG trends in 2019 and the potentially overlooked costs and opportunities underlying these themes...

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