Goldman Sachs


July 2014

Strategy Preparing for higher yields: Downgrading equities and credit

According to Goldman Sachs, the likelihood of a rise in government bond yields has increased and Goldman Sachs see this as a key aspect of the near-term macro outlook...

August 2012

Strategy WTI prices not keeping pace with fundamentals

WTI prices have rallied over $18/bbl from their June lows. However, the rally in WTI prices has failed to keep pace with the rally in Brent prices, which are up more than $24/bbl from their June lows.

December 2011

Strategy The main trading recommendations of Goldman Sachs for 2012

The American bank’s suggests the following strategies as its flagship trading recommendations in 2012: Short on the German bund with an expected 2.8% 10 year return and long EUR / CHF with 1.35 as target…

October 2011

News Goldman issued 50-year unsecured bond of $500M and plans $2 billion Sukuk issue

After its historical quarterly loss, the American bank is turning to Islamic finance in order to raise funds. It also carried out a remarkable feat by issuing a 50-year senior unsecured debt of 500 million USD

October 2011

News According to Goldman Sachs, 5 European banks could fail the EBA tests

In a research note that was published on Friday, the American bank estimated 50 European banks out of 91 could fail the new tests prepared by the European Banking Authority (EBE)…

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