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March 2008

Stories JP Morgan (1837-1913), founder of a leading institution

As one of the most influent American businessmen at the beginning of the 20th century, John Pierpont Morgan saved the US financial system more than once. He also initiated several important mutations of the US financial (...)

January 2008

Pedagogy What is CPPI (Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance)?

CPPI or Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance is a dynamic management technique that ensures a minimum guaranteed amount to an investor at the time of maturity

November 2007

Reading A fractal view of the markets, Benoit Mandelbrot

In an uncompromising book, Benoit Mandelbrot, French graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, denounces the inconsistency of the orthodox theory of finance and presents his fractal vision of the markets

March 2007

Profile Quantitative Analyst: a dream career for young mathematicians

Each year, more and more young engineers or science graduates are interested in this career. But how does one become a “quant” ?

March 2007

Note Towards a behavioral portfolio theory

a major problem facing the asset management industry is the creation of portfolios that generate maximum profitability while being consistent with the risk profile of investors...

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