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October 2013

Innovation AfDB launches 3-year USD 500 million Inaugural Green Bond

The transaction was placed with 36 investors including the Third Swedish National Pension Fund, AP4, BlackRock, CalSTRs, Calvert Investment Management, Inc, Nordea Investment Management, Pictet Asset Management, Praxis Intermediate Income Fund, State Street Global Advisors (...)

January 2012

Regulation Aviation in the EU ETS: ECJ clears the runway

The inclusion of the aviation sector from January 1st 2012 onwards represents a new step in the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)…

November 2011

Note Will the prices of rare earth metals continue to rocket ?

Despite the fact that these rare earth metals have become indispensable to the technological industry, prices have dropped by 25% from those prices reached during last summer

November 2011

Regulation The future of project-based mechanisms in Durban: the European Union has a role to play

With some 4,000 initiatives registered to date, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) have proved their usefulness for reducing emissions and attracting investments. However, this success could be called into question in the absence of a clear (...)

November 2011

Interview Jean-Louis Bertrand : « Many companies have recognized the need to hedge against weather risk »

According to Jean-Louis Bertrand, an expert in weather risk management with METNEXT, this risk is likely over $ 400 billion per year, comparable to the foreign exchange risk. The business demand for hedging would be in the process of structuring the market (...)

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