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January 2012

People Moves Redundancy plan: Société Générale to join the party

The announcements of job cuts in investment banking continues. After a year fueled by rumors, Société Générale has officially announced the implementation of a voluntary departure plan for approximately 880 investment bankers (...)

January 2012

People Moves RBS could cut up to 18900 jobs

The bank executives are said to consider a 50% reduction in the Investment Banking ...

December 2011

Opinion Do the layoffs at Crédit Agricole represent a sharp decline in French banks?

The layoffs have unquestionably impacted the personnel of the French banks but a greater malaise reigns. A top ranked outgoing senior executive considers the current situation as symbolizing an unprecedented weakening of French (...)

December 2011

News Crédit Agricole CIB to withdraw from equity derivatives and commodities activities.

The french bank unveils a new corporate and investment banking model centred on serving major clients and the closure of operations in 21 countries

November 2011

Kiosk Understanding the eurozone crisis and its various facets

The current crisis is multiple. Initially sovereign and financial, it then became a social and political crisis. These changes do not facilitate the assessment of the situation, let alone the implementation of solutions. Back on the various facets of the (...)

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