Elite Advisers


September 2011

Kiosk Alternatives to financial markets investments

The financial investment is not limited to financial markets assets and the current uncertainties obviously feed such thoughts. Indeed, there are many investment vehicles that could create value in a portfolio.

May 2011

Product Back to the future, may 2011: Nobles Crus and Earth Element Fund

Yesterday they were introduced as innovatives products. Today, How far have they got and what are the prospects for tomorrow ? Two products in the spotlight this month: Nobles Crus or the blend of passion for wine and financial investment, and a quantitative systematic (...)

October 2010

Innovation Elite Advisers launches Precious Time, a fund which invest in collectible watches

Up to 50% will be invested in Patek Philippe watches, 30% in Rolex, Breguet, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier

December 2009

Innovation Nobles Crus, the perfect blend of wine and finance

Launched in 2008, Nobles Crus is a Luxembourg Sicav investing in the top graded wines and that has registered since launch a performance of 27.65%.

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