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January 11

Opinion Democrat sweep to open fiscal floodgates and boost growth

Democrats have completed a sweep of Congress following the double victory in the state of Georgia’s run-off election. Keith Wade, Schroders’ Chief Economist, discusses what this means for the US economy in the near-term

November 2020

Strategy A country divided

Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, fund manager, global sustainable equities at Jupiter, reflects on the meaning of the democrat victory and the implications for investors.

November 2020

Opinion Central Banks: leading the path towards Impact Investing

According to Frédéric Samama, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at CPR AM, the fact that Central Banks are putting these issues on their agenda sends a signal that all corporates are increasingly evolving into an environment in which these themes are becoming (...)

November 2020

Opinion More Volatility, Questions About Stimulus

Talib Sheikh, Head of Strategy, Multi-Asset, comments on the implications of a too-close-to-call U.S. election, and what the clarity of a Trump or a Biden win might mean.

October 2020

Opinion Investing through the US election

It’s a mug’s game to try to predict the outcome of a US election, suffice to say, that at the time of writing, conviction is building among pollsters and investors that Biden has a large enough lead to secure a victory.

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