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January 23

Opinion Reflections on Davos: Business as usual no longer exists

As the planes take off and the trains carry a steady stream of suited-and-winter-booted participants back home, skiers are returning to the slopes of Davos, Switzerland. Another edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has come to an end – but what have we (...)

December 2023

Opinion Investors Cannot Ignore the Debt-Sustainability Question

Despite a pullback in bond yields, clients at our Solving for 2024 event were still uncertain about how to invest in a world of runaway government debt.

September 2023

Opinion March higher in yields beginning to bite

Two factors in addition to the ongoing climb in yields may have played a part in this equity market drop. Firstly, consumer sentiment deteriorated with a sharp drop in expectations. The drop in confidence (103.0 from 108.7) was less significant than the much larger drop in (...)

September 2022

Opinion The Uncertainty May Be Worse Than the Slowdown

We do think the onset of recession is a time to tread carefully, but it could also be a time of opportunity for equity investors.

June 2022

Opinion Are recession concerns overdone?

Mark Nash and Huw Davies assess the prospects for global growth in an environment of heightened geopolitical tensions, rising inflation and interest rates and China’s zero-Covid policy.

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