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February 7

Opinion Why the Fed will stop reducing its balance sheet in 2019

At last night’s FOMC, Jerome Powell explained that "the normalization of the size of the balance sheet would be completed sooner" and that the Fed would now "evaluate the appropriate timing for the end of balance sheet reduction”. We briefly explain why (...)

February 4

Opinion Low inflation : dry powder?

One way to look at low global inflation is as evidence of policy successes on the part of countries’ central banks — especially in Emerging Market (EM) countries, where inflation rates are often below their central bank (...)

January 28

Opinion Markets grapple with government dysfunction

While the UK and US contend with contentious political issues, the IMF has lowered its expectations for economic growth. The question is, “Where do we go from here?”

January 28

Opinion Spotting the end of the economic cycle

It currently feels like we are at a critical juncture for economies and markets. 2019 is likely to be one of elevated uncertainty and more volatility as investors grapple with the question of whether this is the final phase of the economic cycle. Markets will behave (...)

January 21

Opinion The difficult recomposition of the Executive Board of the ECB

On October 31, 2019, Mario Draghi’s term as President of the ECB will come to an end. Even though Mario Draghi’s personality has had a profound impact on the way the ECB communicates and therefore acts, it is important to point out that it is a small team within the ECB (...)

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