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December 2019

Opinion Beneath the headlines: three stories that might surprise investors in 2020

Over the past twelve months, the US/China trade dispute has dominated headlines and commanded a considerable slice of the world’s attention. Yet, while any breakthrough would be significant for investors and positive for sentiment in Emerging Markets (EM), we think there are (...)

December 2019

Opinion Christine Lagarde already wants to change everything at the ECB

Christine Lagarde gave the outline of the strategic review that the ECB will carry out throughout the year 2020, starting in January. The ECB could therefore undergo profound changes under Christine Lagarde, especially with an increased consideration of the mega trends (...)

December 2019

Opinion We will always have scone and jam

The Daily Telegraph trumpets a landslide Conservative victory after the best results since 1987. With neither party popular, it is a testament to the appeal of the Labour Party. The Remainer vote is now fatally weakened. The consequence is that the hard-left firebrand, (...)

December 2019

Opinion 2020 – the year of excitement?

We are threatened with excitement in 2020, from civil unrest and ongoing trade wars to political upheaval and market volatility. We believe global economic expansion will continue at a slower, less even pace across (...)

December 2019

Opinion Headlines that might surprise investors in 2020

The outlook for the UK stock market remains incredibly foggy in the run-up to this year’s general election. Most global investors continue to regard the UK as an uninvestible market, as they have since the EU referendum in (...)

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