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May 4

Opinion Impact of Covid-19: How did the nordic countries react?

The reaction to the virus outbreak was not one of denial at Nordic governments. The responses have been decisive, swift and wide to contain the first fall outs. Let’s take a firm look in the rear–mirror on what the Nordic countries looked like when the crises set (...)

May 4

Opinion Coronavirus: research, research, research…

In terms of data, the impact of the economic freeze is seen first on jobs; unemployment will rise dramatically, with the peak expected in the second quarter numbers. GDP contraction will follow – for example, the recent eurozone PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) was very weak (...)

April 2

Strategy Asset allocation update: credit upgraded amid fluid and uncertain backdrop

The ultimate public health costs and economic impact of Covid-19 are at this time unknown. Public health responses have weighed the human cost of intensive care units being overwhelmed and the number of preventable deaths exploding against the jump higher in (...)

March 31

Opinion The second wave

As the coronavirus continues to impact the global economy, Charles Hepworth, Investment Director, GAM Investments, discusses the risks that a second wave of epidemics could pose in the future.

March 23

Opinion The ECB takes a significant step

The ECB issued a new impressive 750bn QE program to deal with the Covid-19 virus. The key elements are that it follows the APP (asset purchase programs) and that it is ambivalently stated regarding the key ratio before maturity in that it seems a tad tougher than the (...)

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