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December 2016

News Euro surpasses RMB in traditional trade finance

Since the launch of the first SWIFT RMB Tracker in November 2011, the RMB has shown stellar growth for payments, whilst RMB usage by value in traditional trade finance – letters of credit and collections – has been decreasing since 2014. The Chinese currency is now the (...)

October 2016

Opinion Hard time for sterling

According to Luc Luyet and Frederik Ducrozet, Asset Allocation & Macro Research, Pictet Wealth Management, the sharp drop of the sterling on Friday 7 October at the start of trading in Asia with the currency declining 6% in the course of twenty minutes was the climax of (...)

June 2016

Strategy Brexit: ETF Securities sees rise in demand for short-GBP ETFs

According to James Butterfill, Head of Research and Investment Strategy at ETF Securities, most investors believe that the greatest short-term impact - of fear of Brexit rather than Brexit itself - will be on sterling and consequently he has seen a big rise in short (...)

June 2016

Opinion Brexit referendum: more volatility ahead for Sterling

According to James Butterfill, Head of Research at ETF Securities comments, Brexit is the mother of all market uncertainties: legal, political, economic, polling and currency risk combining to make any confidence about the short-term outlook (...)

November 2015

Note On the impact of Brexit on sterling

As yet, sterling appears not to have reacted to the looming referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. Over the short to medium term, however, the currency should end up reacting negatively, so great is the fallout for the British economy. In (...)

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