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August 2014

Opinion Don’t cry for Argentina

In accordance with the Right Upon Future Offers or RUFO clause (similar to a conventional clause requiring creditors to be treated pari passu) contained in the 2005 agreement on the restructuring of the debt of the exchange bondholders (preventing Argentina from making more (...)

May 2013

Strategy Allocators Scale Back in Commodities and Emerging Market Stocks

BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey Finds Investors Positioning For China Slowdown and Low Inflation...

December 2012

Note BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey Finds Investors Bullish on Global Growth as They Look Beyond Fiscal Cliff

Confidence in a recovering global economy is extending into 2013 as investor fears surrounding the fiscal cliff eased, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey for December.

October 2012

Strategy Corporate Bonds – Ideal for Emerging Markets diversification

With sovereign ceilings rising, corporate governance and overall transparency improving, demand and liquidity high and returns attractive relative to risk, what’s not to like about Emerging Markets corporate bonds?

October 2012

Interview Philippe Mills : « This year, half of the net buyers of French debt come from Asia and the Middle East »

What is the role of the French Treasury Agency (AFT)? Who holds the French debt? How are OAT and BTF issues conducted? Philip Mills, CEO of the French Treasury Agency answers Next Finance questions...

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