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October 2018

Opinion Italy’s expansionary budget goals add to growing risks to sovereign rating

Italy’s announcement of a tentative budget deficit goal of 2.4% of GDP over 2019-2021 could compound the country’s existing debt sustainability challenges. This represents a significant risk to Italy’s A-/Negative Outlook (...)

July 2015

Opinion Greece: referendum reaction

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras won a resounding mandate to reject the package of austerity measures on the table in Greece’s referendum yesterday. This is but the latest twist in a road that increasingly seems to be leading towards Greece’s departure from the (...)

June 2015

Opinion The Greek crisis takes a new turn

According to Mark Burgess, Chief Investment Officer EMOA and Head of Equity market at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, the European earnings outlook does not look immediately compromised by events in Greece, although this will depend upon the impact on consumer and (...)

June 2015

Opinion Greece crisis to restrain European equities, but valuations should provide buffer

According to Rory Bateman,head of european equities at Schroders, volatility in markets is likely to continue for an extended period until the ramifications of a potential Greek exit from the euro are fully understood. QE and current valuations could provide some downside (...)

March 2015

Opinion The standoff between Greece and its partners is clearly softening

According to Eric Chaney Head of Research at AXA Investment Managers, this will not be the end of the Greek saga, since funding will remain quite challenging until the last tranche of the bailout is disbursed and the interest payments on the bonds held by the ECB are paid to (...)

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