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May 2019

Opinion After Modi’s landslide win, all eyes on what he does for the Indian economy

India’s Narendra Modi won a second term as Prime Minster after a landslide win in the general elections in the world’s largest democracy. Mr. Modi’s party BJP won a simple majority with almost 300 out of 542 seats in the Lok Sabha (India’s equivalent of the House of (...)

March 2019

Opinion The ECB is rushing.. at slow speed

Although they will only have 2-year maturities, the LTROs were already announced, so early that details are not even finalized yet. It was visibly considered necessary to send a strong message now.

October 2016

Strategy The right time to invest in emerging markets?

Complete reversal in emerging equity markets in 2016: the highly geared/cyclical/risky stocks that collapsed in 2015 skyrocketed in 2016. Where to go? In 2015, emerging markets have had stormy times. An unexpected devaluation of the Yuan, the collapse of numerous emerging (...)

November 2012

Innovation The BNP Paribas Flexible Fund Stars index, an index for exposure to flexible funds!

Launched this year, the BNP Paribas Flexible Fund Stars index allows investors to position themselves in an equally weighted basket of four UCITS flexible funds, all having an excellent accumulated performance, a track record of 5 years and significant assets (...)

August 2011

People Moves Carmignac Gestion strengthens its European management team with the arrival of Laurent Ducoin

Before coming to Carmignac Gestion, Laurent Ducoin was pan-European equities manager in the European specialist team at BlackRock in London

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