CDC Climat

CDC Climat is a Caisse des Dépôts’s subsidiary set up in February 2010 to combat climate change. CDC Climat relies on a long experience of carbon finance in Europe. It supports the introduction of international, national and regional climate policies, by taking action in three areas :

It develops, either alone or with its partners, carbon market services: exchanges, registries and solutions for carbon assets trading and custody. CDC Climat invests in carbon assets either directly or in the form of innovative carbon funds open to long-term investors aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 60Mt for 2014. Its research team, CDC Climat Research, conducts independent, neutral analyses for public authorities, market players and the general public.


November 2013

Note Agriculture and forestry: window-dressing in the EU ETS

The EU ETS’ stock image shows a huge industrial plant that emits a large amount of greenhouse gas, and gives the impression of an allowance market that does not concern so-called “diffuse” sectors like agriculture and forestry. Like any stock image, it is broadly accurate (...)

December 2012

Opinion The CDM: let’s not discard a tool that raised over US$200 billion

Everyone wonders which miraculous instrument will enable the Green Climate Fund to mobilize the pledged US$100 billion per year in climate finance by 2020. Developing countries are now asking for interim targets to quench their mounting skepticism that this level of (...)

November 2012

Note The Timing Impact Approach: How particularities of carbon markets influence market ?

With the current ‘back-loading’ proposal of the European Commission on the table it is essential to further examine the specialities of carbon markets to assess the implications of the proposal on the market development of the EU ETS. An emission right is a new kind of good (...)

January 2012

Regulation Aviation in the EU ETS: ECJ clears the runway

The inclusion of the aviation sector from January 1st 2012 onwards represents a new step in the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)…

November 2011

Regulation The future of project-based mechanisms in Durban: the European Union has a role to play

With some 4,000 initiatives registered to date, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) have proved their usefulness for reducing emissions and attracting investments. However, this success could be called into question in the absence of a clear (...)

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