Axiom Alternative Investments

Axiom est une société de gestion indépendante créée par une équipe d’experts issue de la gestion de portefeuille et de la banque d’investissement.

La société est spécialisée sur les instruments financiers qui constituent les fonds propres réglementaires pour les établissements de crédit et les assurances européens


March 2019

Innovation Solactive and Axiom Alternative Investments launch together a Global CoCo Index

Solactive and Axiom AI are pleased to announce the launch of the Solactive AXI Liquid Contingent Capital Global Market TR Index (SOLAXICC), a tailored index for investors that seek broad access to a universe of liquid contingent convertible bonds (...)

October 2011

Note Banks Recapitalization : Implications for hybrid debt holders

Who will be recapitalized and how much? How recapitalization work? And most importantly, for investors, how does it impact bank hybrid debt? These are the issues addressed by Philip Hall, Volatility and Credit Quantitative Manager and President of Axiom Alternative (...)

April 2011

Note Trying to assess the Cajas’ mess

The real estate bubble was huge and now Spanish banks are in a mess. Two questions come to mind: why does this comes into the spotlight so late ? what is the exact size of the mess and what is the possible impact of a full stress scenario on financial markets (...)

March 2011

Note The EMF has been created, long live the EMF!

Philip Hall and Adrian Paturle give an update on the operation of ESM: European leaders have largely been inspired by the IMF...

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