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September 29

Opinion Tech roars up: can markets follow?

From a more fundamental perspective, as mentioned in past updates, we are convinced that technology adoption (be it automation, cloud migration or less straightforward technology trends, such as AI, big data, machine learning..) still has a long way to go in a multitude of (...)

July 27

Strategy Machine Learning : Choosing the best regime for you!

Machine learning and big data techniques have been developed making it possible to apply sophisticated mathematical models (hidden Markov switching models, which we will examine later) to financial data series in order to identify market regimes. All this has created scope (...)

July 27

Opinion Guy de Blonay H2 outlook

Global equities had their best quarter since 1998 in Q2 and started Q3 on a positive note. Markets could be choppier during summer, as valuations are rich in some leading sectors, seasonal liquidity is lower and many sources of risks (...)

July 16

Strategy Investment Style Rotations - Growth versus Value

Style rotations, where investors switch one type of investment style for another, are nothing new. At some point during most investment cycles different styles – such as growth, quality and value – will outperform at different points as investors rotate in and out depending on (...)

July 15

Video Market update July 2020 - Cyrille Geneslay: "We remain measured against risky assets during the summer"

Cyrille Geneslay, fund manager at CPR Asset Management, indicates that he has pursued his vast strategy of asset reallocation started at the end of May within the CPR Reactive Growth fund, by selling American stocks to reposition themselves on "value" markets (...)

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