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October 15

Opinion Capital Market Pulse

We expect risk assets to continue to grind higher, and maintain our exposure. It might not be time to add too much risk, but we don’t think it’s time to take it all off either.

September 24

Innovation Jupiter launches Flexible Income Fund managed by Talib Sheikh

Jupiter has launched the Jupiter Flexible Income fund, a sub-fund of the Jupiter Global Fund SICAV. Managed by Head of Strategy, Multi- Asset, Talib Sheikh, the fund will look to harvest a sustainable level of regularincome across multiple asset classes on a global basis. (...)

September 17

News Follow The Flow: A large exodus

It has been a non-stop outflow trend from Europe lately. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, over the past 26 weeks almost $90bn has left European risk assets (IG, HY, Govies and equities)...

July 19

News CalPERS Reports Preliminary 8.6 Percent Investment Return for Fiscal Year 2017-18

CalPERS reported a preliminary 8.6 percent net return on investments for the 12-month period that ended June 30, 2018. CalPERS assets at the end of the fiscal year stood at more than $351 billion.

July 16

Opinion US fixed income: Buying opportunity or a falling knife?

10 year US Treasury yields crossed the psychologically important 3% threshold in the 2nd quarter, the highest level in four years - buying opportunity or a falling knife? Given these critical levels and an uptick in US inflation, investors are justifiably worried about (...)

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