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October 12

Opinion Understanding the anatomy of a financial Bubble

Infamous for the belief that there is a bubble in long-duration assets, Richard Bernstein Advisors reckon there are sizeable bubbles inflating. A recent report investigates what’s causing such widespread bubbles, their potential effects on the overall economy, and the (...)

September 27

Opinion Federal Reserve moves towards November Taper

The Federal Reserve is very likely heading for a tapering of its bond purchases in November, but the longer-term outlook depends on how transitory the current bout of inflation is. If we are correct, i.e. it will fade more quickly than expected, then we should see the (...)

July 19

Opinion Asset-quality Quarterly: brighter prospects for European banks

Credit conditions for European banks are normalising and prospects for the second half of the year look bright. A return to pre-crisis operating income with higher loss absorption buffers accumulated during the crisis will facilitate management of (...)

May 18

Opinion Covid-19 index: when might life return to ‘normal’?

As one of the world’s largest economies the US is a key focus for investors. With every country attempting to return to normality following the coronavirus pandemic, we are monitoring when US economic activity might get back on track, as well as other measures of “normality” (...)

May 11

Video Consolidation risks seem high at current levels

CPR Asset Management has introduced optional hedges in its portfolios and has started to marginally reduce its net exposure to equities. The management company nevertheless retains a bias favorable to the value segment, the potential of which remains significant in its (...)

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