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December 2022

Strategy Focus on quality for success in equities

Investors should not expect everything to go ‘back to normal’ in 2023, says Melda Mergen, Global Head of Equities, Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Higher inflation and a weaker economic environment will mean not all companies will (...)

December 2022

Opinion Investors pay a high price for emotional decisions

New European research from behavioural finance experts Oxford Risk reveals that over 73% of wealth managers believe emotional decision-making costs investors investment returns.

December 2022

News Net flows from European wealth managers will decline slightly in 2023

European wealth managers’ net inflows are likely to decline in 2023 as inflation squeezes disposable income, Fitch Ratings says. However, the fall should be modest as most clients have fairly high disposable income, which will not be significantly eroded by higher living (...)

September 2022

Opinion A High-Yielding Haven

As an ever-more-aggressive rate-hiking cycle rocks the financial markets, might corporate credit offer a space that is both remunerative and relatively calm? Last week brought the third consecutive 75-basis-point rate hike from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The market had even (...)

September 2022

Opinion The Uncertainty May Be Worse Than the Slowdown

We do think the onset of recession is a time to tread carefully, but it could also be a time of opportunity for equity investors.

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