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July 27

Opinion Guy de Blonay H2 outlook

Global equities had their best quarter since 1998 in Q2 and started Q3 on a positive note. Markets could be choppier during summer, as valuations are rich in some leading sectors, seasonal liquidity is lower and many sources of risks (...)

July 16

Strategy Investment Style Rotations - Growth versus Value

Style rotations, where investors switch one type of investment style for another, are nothing new. At some point during most investment cycles different styles – such as growth, quality and value – will outperform at different points as investors rotate in and out depending on (...)

July 15

News Market Cap of Three Largest Tech Companies Listed on London Stock Exchange Dropped by $14.9bn in Six Months

According to data gathered by BuyShares.co.uk, the market cap of the three largest tech companies trading on the London Stock Exchange amounted to $120.4bn last week, a $14.9bn plunge since the beginning of the (...)

June 18

Opinion Covid-19 likely a catalyst for more cashless transactions

The lockdowns implemented in the wake of the pandemic have had profound implications on the way people live. One of them in the payment sector has been a surge in e-commerce activity. More importantly perhaps, Covid-19 is blurring the lines between e-commerce and traditional (...)

April 17

Opinion Fast-moving valuation case prompts Japan downgrade

The old adage “money makes the world go round” has never rung so true. In the investment world, money translates into corporate earnings and cash flows, which analysts have used for years to value companies.

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