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July 25

Opinion Europe’s overlooked technology sector is thriving

While Europe’s fragmentation has hindered development of a mass-market giant to rival those from the US and China, its distinctive technology businesses are competing successfully in global markets.

July 16

Opinion European equities have room to rally

The strong rally in markets during the first three months of 2019 reversed the trend seen at the end of last year. The US Federal Open Market Committee’s March meeting confirmed that the Fed has moved from mobilising against an inflation overshoot to trying to correct the (...)

June 24

Opinion Facebook’s Libra announcement shows it has no fear of further scrutiny over data privacy, says GlobalData

Following the recent announcement that Facebook intends to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra, Laura Petrone, Senior Analyst, Thematic Research at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on the data privacy concerns around this (...)

May 20

Opinion Unicorns and Growth: From Sales Stories to Profit Fantasies

Technology unicorns are in the spotlight, with Uber’s recent high-profile IPO. As scrutiny of their business models intensified, we think investors should also ask tough questions about publiclytraded companies with high sales growth but scant cash (...)

April 30

Strategy Targeting positive returns in an uncertain climate

A decade after the financial crisis, the uncertain economic conditions it ushered in are starving Europe’s investors of returns. We believe this makes our approach to long/short equity investing more valuable than (...)

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