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July 28

Innovation BlackRock launches diversified commodities ETF

BlackRock has launched an exchange traded fund (ETF) providing exposure to a variety of commodity markets for investors seeking portfolio diversification tools, at a time when the correlation between historically uncorrelated asset classes is (...)


ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally reach a new record of 4.168 trillion US dollars at the end of first half of 2017


BlackRock expands UCITS dividend ETF range


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June 29

News ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in Europe reach a new record of 682 billion US dollars at the end of May 2017

ETFGI reported today assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed in Europe reached a new record high of US$682 billion at the end May 2017 surpassing the prior record of US$658 billion set at the end of April 2017...

June 29

Innovation Solactive and Candriam team up to launch the Factors Sustainable Index Family

Solactive and Candriam have joined forces to launch the Solactive Candriam Factors Sustainable Index Family offering exposure to companies with sustainable and responsible investing criteria as determined by Candriam’s SRI screening (...)

June 20

News Global ETP flows of $45bn during May pushed assets past the $4 trillion milestone

According to BlackRock ETP Landscape report from May 2017, industry assets crossed $4trillion after first reaching $3 trillion just two years earlier, with organic growth rising from 11% in the first year to 18% in the second (...)

June 19

News Solactive launches Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond Index

Solactive AG is pleased to announce it has entered for the first time the Asia-Pacific region with a new index in the fixed-income space, the Solactive Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond Index, aimed to be tracked by the BetaShares Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate (...)

June 14

News After a slowdown in April, European ETF market flows were back on track in May.

Net New Assets (NNA) during the month amounted to EUR9.5bn, a level comparable to the first months of the year. Total Assets under Management are up 12% vs. the end of 2016, reaching EUR579bn, and including a positive market impact of 3%. Emerging Market and European (...)

June 13

News ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally reach a new record of 4.103 trillion US dollars at the end of May 2017

ETFGI, a leading independent research and consultancy firm on trends in the global ETF/ETP ecosystem, reported today that assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally reached a new record of US$4.103 trillion at the end of May 2017, according to preliminary data from ETFGI’s (...)

June 12

News Solactive and Panthera Solutions launch Solactive Panthera World Market Portfolio Index

Solactive and Panthera Solutions are launching the Solactive Panthera World Market Portfolio Index. This index seeks to replicate the global market portfolio as measured by Monaco-based asset allocation consultancy Panthera Solutions through a multi-asset indexing (...)

May 30

Innovation Solactive and B-BRE team up to launch Solactive – B-BRE Tel Aviv 125 Low Volatility High Dividends Index

Solactive and B-BRE are excited to announce the launch of the Solactive – B-BRE Tel Aviv 125 Low Volatility High Dividends Index, used as the underlying index for a new IBI fund trading on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

May 24

Innovation Solactive launches Stable Income Europe Index

The index targets investors interested in a smart beta concept that puts more emphasis on the role played by free cash flow yield, aside from tilting composition towards high dividend and low volatility shares. Specifically, free cash flows are typically used to provide an (...)

May 22

Innovation BlackRock launches pair of Dollar bond ETFs for European range

BlackRock has launched two new fixed income exchange traded funds (ETFs) providing investors with greater granularity in US bond exposures, iShares $ Intermediate Credit Bond UCITS ETF (ICBU) and iShares $ TIPS 0-5 UCITS ETF (...)

May 11

News ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally break through the 4 trillion US dollar milestone at the end of April 2017

The Global ETF/ETP industry had 6,835 ETFs/ETPs, with 12,892 listings, assets of US$4.002 trillion, from 313 providers listed on 68 exchanges in 56 countries at the end of April 2017, according to preliminary data from ETFGI’s April 2017 (...)

May 3

Innovation Mackenzie Investments announces new investment solutions aimed at helping investors meet their income needs

Mackenzie Financial Corporation (Mackenzie Investments) announced the launch of two new mutual funds and one ETF designed to generate income and improve portfolio diversification.

April 5

Innovation Desjardins Launches Initial Suite of Seven Exchange Traded Funds

Desjardins Global Asset Management Inc. (DGAM), acting as manager and portfolio advisor of the Desjardins Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), announces the launch of seven exchange traded funds.

March 31

Regulation ESMA publishes final rules to ensure integrity of EU financial benchmarks

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published its final report containing the draft regulatory and implementing technical standards (RTS/ITS) under the Benchmarks Regulation (BMR)...

March 27

Innovation BlackRock adds four ETFs to US equity sector range

The four iShares ETFs provide targeted exposure to S&P 500 companies in the consumer staples, industrials, materials and utilities sectors. These launches bring the total number of US sector funds to nine, adding to five existing exposures to consumer discretionary, (...)

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Strategy Is Low Volatility investing overcrowded?

One may reasonably argue that the recent flows into the Low Volatility strategies might affect their future performance because of the flow pressure on the prices of the companies that generally are selected by this investment approach. More recently, some market (...)


Innovation State Street Global Advisors Launches the First European ETF to Provide Short Maturity Emerging Market Bond Exposure

The new ETF, which tracks the BofA Merrill Lynch 0–5 Year EM USD Government Bond ex-144a Index, looks to reflect the performance of short-maturity emerging market government debt issued in US dollars.


News ETFGI reports assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally reach a new record of 4.103 trillion US dollars at the end of May 2017

ETFGI, a leading independent research and consultancy firm on trends in the global ETF/ETP ecosystem, reported today that assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed globally reached a new record of US$4.103 trillion at the end of May 2017, according to preliminary data from ETFGI’s (...)


Innovation BlackRock launches thematic iShares ETF suite to capture global ‘megatrends’

BlackRock announces the launch of four thematic exchange traded funds (ETFs) capturing investment opportunities created by the global trends towards ageing population, healthcare innovation, robotics and automation, and (...)


Innovation Lyxor plans China Government Bond RQFII ETF

Lyxor announces it has been awarded by S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) a license on the S&P China Sovereign Bond 1-10 Year Spread Adjusted Index, in order to launch and list a China Government Bond ETF in (...)


Innovation NYSE Euronext and EasyETF launch European low-carbon index...

...and ETF managed by BNP Paribas Asset Management, in partnership with AgriSud, GoodPlanet.org and WWF


News European ETF Market flows continued their positive trend in February 2017

Net New Assets (NNA) during this month amounted to EUR9.4bn, nearly twice the one-year average of EUR4.9bn. Total Assets under Management are up 7% vs. the end of 2016, reaching EUR551bn, including a market impact of (...)


Innovation Amundi launches innovative buyback-themed ETF, the first to track the MSCI Europe Weighed Buyback Yield index

Amundi ETF announces the launch of the first ETF in Europe leveraging the theme of European share buybacks, by tracking the MSCI Europe Equal Weighted Buyback Yield strategy index. The launch represents another innovative expansion of Amundi ETF’s European equity Smart Beta (...)


Innovation Koris International launches trackinsight.com first european ETFs analysis platform

Koris International, European reference in dynamic asset allocation solutions, today announces the launch of TrackInsightTM, the first platform providing analyses on the replication quality of European ETFs for institutional (...)


Note Smart Beta 2.0 – Taking the risks of new equity benchmarks into account

In research published two weeks ago entitled, “Smart Beta 2.0,” EDHEC-Risk Institute is seeking to draw the attention of investors to the risks of traditional smart beta equity indices and propose a new approach to smart beta investing to take account of these (...)


News Lyxor to reach 50% physical ETF assets

Lyxor is to switch key European, Global and US ETFs to physical replication, in a drive to continuously improve the quality of replication for investors. Following the switch, Lyxor will have more than half of its assets (€25bn) in physical replication, making it the third (...)


Innovation Source and Nomura launch a new etf: the Nomura Voltage Mid-Term Source ETF

This is the first volatility-linked ETF to be offered in Europe that takes a tactical approach to volatility allowing investors to capture volatility spikes...


Innovation Solactive AG and BlueStar launch the Israel Economic Exposure Indexes

By launching the Solactive-BlueStar Israel Economic Exposure Index (IEEI) family, Solactive AG and BlueStar Indexes introduce an innovative pair of indexes designed to reflect the segmentation of the Israeli economy between globally-oriented firms and companies primarily (...)


Innovation Lyxor AM and Finvex Group launch the first indexed ETF on low-volatility European SRI equities

The aim of this ETF is to improve the stability of a portfolio of European equities, thereby optimising its performance. The index strategy is therefore founded on a two-pronged risk management approach that considers “qualitative risk” by filtering the investment universe in (...)


Innovation Amundi ETF offers a complete range of mono factor exposures at competitive pricing with two newly launched ETFs

Amundi ETF completes its mono-factor range on the MSCI Europe index by listing on Euronext Paris two new Quality and Momentum risk-factor ETFs. Amundi ETF’s comprehensive range of mono-factor exposures on European equities is offered at competitive ongoing charges of only (...)


Note Building Minimum Variance Portfolios with low risk, low drawdowns and strong returns

This paper provides an introduction to the STOXX Minimum Variance Indices and aims to achieve three things : i) an overview of minimum variance investing ii) the methodology for the construction and maintenance of the STOXX Minimum Variance Indices, highlighting the unique (...)

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