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June 2

News Aberdeen adds smart beta fund to quant product range

The Fund offers exposure to five targeted ‘risk premia’ factors: value, quality, momentum, small size and low volatility. The investment objective is to provide investors with risk-adjusted returns with an emphasis on income generation and a volatility well below that of (...)

May 24

Innovation Solactive launches Stable Income Europe Index

The index targets investors interested in a smart beta concept that puts more emphasis on the role played by free cash flow yield, aside from tilting composition towards high dividend and low volatility shares. Specifically, free cash flows are typically used to provide an (...)

April 27

Strategy Low volatility, the hidden factor

Robert Haugen, who discovered the low-volatility anomaly in 1972, wrote numerous articles and books to try to popularise what he called the ‘hidden factor’. To some extent, it was only the advent of smart beta investment strategies that turned his dream into reality, as low (...)

April 27

News European Smart Beta ETF market flows accelerated in Q1 2017 at EUR1.8bn.

Total Assets under Management are up 11% vs. the end of 2016, reaching EUR 31.8 billion and including a positive market impact (+4.2%). Net New Assets into Smart Beta ETFs have already reached a quarter of the record high EUR7bn figure reached in (...)

April 20

Strategy Quality, the positive factor

Quality is positive: it is about good companies that are efficient at managing their businesses profitably, creating shareholder value and being rewarded with above average returns. Yet, quality is not always easy to recognise or measure. Here are a few pointers for avoiding (...)

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