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July 19

Opinion Reasons to embrace risk

According to Richard Turnill, BlackRock’s Global Chief Investment Strategist, if we look at the earnings yield of U.S. equities — the implied yield in earnings estimates that makes potential returns comparable to bond yields. U.S. equities look expensive on this basis. But (...)

July 13

Interview Aude Lerivrain : « Can we invest in the chinese banking sector without worries? »

According to Aude Lerivrain, Head of Credit Research at CPR AM, we are seeing in the Chinese banking system many of the early warning signs of the major banking crises of recent years (in the US, Ireland and Spain)...

May 29

Opinion Brazil : Political risk is back

Just as political risk seemed confined to developed markets, Brazil sent a stark reminder yesterday that presidential upheavals are not something buried in Emerging Markets’ past.

May 17

Note BofA Merrill Lynch May Fund Manager Survey finds investors are bullish; macro expectations of high growth and low inflation at record high

China replaces European disintegration as the most commonly cited tail risk for the first time since January 2016, with 31% of global fund managers citing Chinese credit tightening as the biggest risk in the market

April 20

Note BofA Merrill Lynch April Fund Manager Survey finds investors turning to Eurozone stocks from U.S. equities

Investors are turning to Eurozone stocks from U.S. equities, the fifth largest rotation since 1999, despite the coming French election. Allocation to Eurozone equities rises to 15-month highs (net 48% overweight)...

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