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September 6

Strategy Five reasons to hold technology stocks

Technology breakthroughs herald a new era in the way we live, work and relate to each other. Five key trends explain why investors should consider holding technology stocks.

July 27

Opinion The case for Japanese equities

We see further strength in Japanese equities after their recent rally, given an encouraging earnings outlook, relatively low valuations and a stable yen under Japan’s ultra-easy monetary policy.

July 25

Note Global acquirers significantly underperform World Index in the second quarter

Europe M&A activity bucks trend as market volatility and economic uncertainty depress performance in North America and Asia

July 20

Strategy Anne Le Borgne : “Our international equity thematic fund, Amundi Funds CPR Global Lifestyles aims to tap into the boom in multi-generational well-being.”

Well-being and self-actualisation are structural societal trends whose growth potential CPR AM, a well-regarded thematic manager, wants to tap into.

July 19

Opinion Reasons to embrace risk

According to Richard Turnill, BlackRock’s Global Chief Investment Strategist, if we look at the earnings yield of U.S. equities — the implied yield in earnings estimates that makes potential returns comparable to bond yields. U.S. equities look expensive on this basis. But (...)

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